Mystic Mountain Distillery is not very well known in the spirits industry outside of Colorado but this artisanal distillery has amazing quality and value for the spirits connoisseur in all of us.  Based out of Larkspur, Colorado it is run by a gentleman by the name of Fred Lineman.  Fred is a retired defense contractor for the military and has done a lot of military work in the Middle East.  Fred started his adventure while in Saudi Arabia and begun distilling different alcohols with his colleagues.  They had a large thirst for liquor because Saudi Arabia is a very dry country and getting a hold of liquor was difficult. 


The stills that are used by the distillery are made in house by Fred for that specific spirit to ensure quality.  This allows it so that the flavors from the different products don’t mix together.  Another important factor that makes their products taste different from other products is that they use beet sugar grown here in Colorado.  By using beet sugar it gives the liquor an exceptional smooth subtle taste of sweetness, but makes the spirit very dry.  Another bonus for the consumer is that by using beet sugar it makes their vodkas is gluten free.

They carry 5 different products ranging from a rocky mountain moonshine derived from a recipe of the owners relative to a brand new unique tasting whiskey called “Black Jack”.  All of their products are highly prized but my personal favorite is the Colorado Crystal Vodka.  Their 5 products include:

Bohica Vodka

Rocky Mountain Moonshine

Colorado Blue Vodka

Colorado Crystal Premium Vodka

Black Jack Whiskey (new release)

So next time you visit a liquor store in Colorado for vodka, take a look for the vodka made by Mystic Mountain Distillery.  You will be very impressed by the quality of the product for such  a great price and I promise you will not be disappointed.