Crock Pot with plastic lid (you could use a glass lid if it works for your tubing, the larger the crock pot the better.  The one in this picture is very small.)

6 ft copper tubing (1/4” I.D.)

Plastic Gallon Milk Jug

Hot Glue Gun

Drill (5/16” bit)

1.  Drill a 5/16” hole in the center of the plastic lid, then bend the first 5” of one end into a 90 degree angle.

2.  Bend the rest of the tube so it points downward about 45 degrees then stick it into the mouth of the milk jug until it touches the side of the bottom.  Drill a 5/16” hold at the bottom of the jug in that spot.

3.  Slip the copper tube through the hole to the other side about six inches outside the jug.  Bend the tubing straight out, then rises about 1/4”, then drops downward to the your receiving glass.

4.  Hot glue the milk jug to the copper tubing around the 2 holes.


Distilling with the Crock Pot Still

Fill your crock pot with any type of alcohol to increase the strength of the alcohol (I use a high ABV beer).  Turn on the crock pot and lute the seams of your crock pot with a flour and water paste.  This paste will turn into a type of bread on the your crock pot, this is a good sign and will provide a perfect seal for your still.  Fill your Jug with cold water, Ice and some salt trying to make it as cold as possible.  It may take a long time for your mash to heat up to start distilling.  You will hear your still start making a weird bubbling noise.  Discard the first bit of alcohol that comes of the still (about 10% of your total alcohol made, about 1 tbsp in my case).  Methanol comes off the still first and isn’t very good for you (mainly just bad hangovers).  It won’t kill you as many people think unless you drink a very large quantity of it.  As soon as your still stops dripping that is all the alcohol you can get to come of the still since your crock pot can’t create a higher amount of heat for your wash.

Just for your information distilling alcohol in the United States is illegal without the proper authorization and without paying the proper taxes.  It is not actively pursued by police in most states as long as you don’t sell moonshine.  Hopefully someday distilling will be legalized.  Homebrewing was illegal until Jimmy Carter legalized it during his presidency in the 70s.  Thank god Jimmy Carter did atleast one thing right :).